Sunday, 24 November 2013

Why Do We Ask That Your Dog Wears a Collar?

When you become a member of 101 Friends and read through our Terms and Conditions you might be surprised to see that we request all dogs boarded with our carers wear a collar.

Maybe your dog has a harness or slip lead; so why would he need a collar and why would we be so insistent about it?

Well, the fact is some dogs are escape artists.  They can wriggle through the smallest of gaps if they have a mind to make a bid for freedom.  Maybe the postman calls to deliver a parcel and you open the door just a crack but before you know it Fido has slipped out and is heading for home at high speed.

If he comes to us wearing a collar the carer can grab hold of that before the door is opened so he can't escape. The collar must be well fitting and with space only for two fingers between his neck and the collar.  It must not be able to be pulled over his head.

At 101 Friends for Every Dog South Yorkshire our carers normally attach to the collar a cylinder with the dogs name, the carers address and phone number written on a piece of paper inside.  This is a safeguard for the unlikely event of him escaping. Even though he may be micro-chipped it saves the finder a trip to the vet to have the dog scanned and futile attempts to contact you whilst you may be abroad.

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