Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Did You Get To Meet Your Host Family/Carer?

If you have used home boarding for your dog before, did you get to meet the people he was staying with?

I was talking to a client the other day who used to use another company to board her Chocolate Labrador.  She didn't want to put Henry into kennels and found the company she thought was the answer to her problem of what to do with H when she went on holiday.  There were no other home boarding organisations near her so she used it in preference to boarding kennels.

She used them for about a year but was always concerned that she never got to actually meet the host family.  She was visited at home by the franchisee and then given a profile with a photograph but no name of the host once they had been matched to her. It always worried her that she never saw how the host carer interacted with Henry.

The dog was collected from her and returned to her by van which was good because it saved her time (although they did charge for the service) and she was told the town where the host lived but that was all.

She was so pleased when I told her that she could always meet Henry's carer at least once before she went away and if ever she wasn't happy with the way the meeting went we could find someone else to care for him.

It is our policy at 101 Friends to make sure that everyone is happy. If you want to take your dog to visit the carer multiple times before you go away that is absolutely fine.  If you want him to stay overnight for a trial run then that can be arranged too.

What if you don't really want him to go into someone else's home?  Well you could always request house sitting as an alternative.

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