Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Delectable Fudge

Normally I don't board dogs myself even though I am licensed and insured to do so.  I tend to stick to the house/pet sitting and use my excellent dog carers to board client's dogs.  I generally only have dogs here if a carer is taken ill and my other carers have no availability or some other unforeseen circumstance happens.

A couple of months ago a lady contacted me to arrange a booking for this week and I had provisionally matched her with a brilliant carer who lives quite near to her. Unfortunately, the carer rang to say that she had to tend to a sick relative at short notice so I began the matching process again with other carers who were available.  

The following week I was in the clients area distributing flyers and business cards so I popped in to see her and introduce myself. I like to meet the clients face to face rather than just arranging things over the phone. I find a meeting often puts their mind at rest about leaving their precious animals in our care.

After a cup of tea and a nice chat I had become completely besotted with her lovely dog - an 8 year old Chocolate Labrador.  I decided that I would take Fudge the dog myself rather than place her with another carer.

Monday saw the arrival of Fudge, who is I have to say, an absolute delight.  She is so friendly and has settled with no problem at all.  She is gentle and obedient and seldom barks. She walks well on the lead and is a joy to have as a house guest.

I will be sad to see her go home tomorrow but the good news is that she is coming back for two weeks in the summer.  I can't wait!

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