Tuesday, 19 November 2013

We Are Different From Some Other Home Boarding Establishments

I noticed an article today about a home boarding organisation similar to ours and what I read set me off on a quest to find out if there are other places that operate in the same way.

To my surprise I found several.  Like 101 Friends they have host families or carers to look after the dogs.  They also fully interview the carefully chosen carers and inspect their homes and gardens for safety.

The main difference is that some home boarding organisations board up to four dogs at a time and these are not always dogs from the same household.  This surprised me a little since the home boarding regulations for most areas state that only dogs from the same family must be boarded together.

101 Friends for Every Dog -South Yorkshire will only ever board dogs from the same family.  Some of our carers will take up to three dogs at a time but never from different owners.

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